Who. We. Are.

The Founding Members of Street Smart Sports…

jamal piper bball

The Brains: Jamal Piper: Former Midd Kid who lives and bleeds sports. Interests include but are not limited to economics, finance, statistics, venture capitalism, and Shark Tank. My teams: Jets, Rangers, Yankees, Knicks, and Minnesota Lynx. Fun fact: founded the MEAT Club at Middlebury College.

matt street smart

The Cleaner: Matthew Benedict: Midd football scrub who dropped more possible interceptions than he caught. Interests include but are not limited to reading poetry, sipping on Labatt Blue Light, memorizing Taylor Swift lyrics, and getting lost in a woman’s eyes. Fun fact: Once lost to a Middlebury golfer (James Wing) in a wrestling match. Teams: Bills, Sabres, Lakers, and Cleveland Indians. Posts to Date: 7


The Whiner: Danno Bender: Geneseo grad who is the ultimate couch quarterback. Interests include but are not limited to crunching numbers, perusing Tinder profiles, and drinking low class beers. Favorite teams: Bills, Sabres, Notre Dame sports, and Buff State Bengals football. Fun fact: Has the Buffalo Sports WGR “Whiner Line” on speed dial. Posts to date: 6


The Big Fundamental: Gordon Lyons: Canisius High and Geneseo alumni. Public accountant who likes to take long walks on the beach. Interests include and are not limited to spending time with family and suffering relentlessly as a Buffalo sports fan. Fun Fact: Once turned the ball over to former NFL receiver and Buffalo native Mike Williams in men’s league ball. Teams: Bills, Sabres, Cavs, Yankees, and Geneseo Women’s Tennis. Posts to date: 1. 

The Kid: Joey Gross: High school kid who loves football. One day gonna be a sports journalist. Huge Packers fan. So much cooler than his cousin Nate Leedy. Kid is gonna go places. Posts to date: 1

durr strett smart

The Closer: Tyler Durr: Started at center for the Middlebury College football team at 200 pounds. Interests include and are limited to playing the field, growing his hair out, and watching American Horror Story. Fun fact: Holds the record for the longest HR in Middlebury Co-Ed Intramural softball history (in the modern era: c. 1976). Teams: Knicks, Giants, Yankees, Hartford Wolf-Pack.

leedy street smart

The Grinder: Nate Leedy: Played football at Midd, never the most athletic kid, but would grind it out with the best of them. Interests include but are not limited to poker, construction, and SnapChat stories. Fun fact: Once beat Lil Uzi Vert in a rap battle at a college party. Teams: Middlebury College Football, Middlebury College Women’s Rugby.

julie marshmallow

The Grammar Police: Julie Merchant: Editor-in-chief who is an avid sports fan. Likes: proofreading, worms, and marshmallows. Dislikes: people’s knees. Her teams: Boston Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics. Fun fact: Can tell you the number of every player on the Middlebury College football team.

joe waspy

The Stud: Joe Avino: Went to Cornell University and joined a predominantly Jewish Frat as a Catholic. Interests include but are not limited to lightweight football, dressing WASPy, pretending he is Jordan Belfort, and thinking about the one that got away. Fun fact: Once ate 12 Fenway Franks during one Red Sox game. Teams: Bills, Yankees, and the Buffalo Beauts (in the National Women’s Hockey League).


The Gas Man: Anish Johri: Former Midd Kid repping the west coast on the east coast. Interests include but are not limited to traveling, casinos, and buying and trying new toys. Teams: Warriors, Niners, SF Giants, and SJ Sharks. Fun fact: Once beat Kobe Bryant in Pop a Shot at Twitter HQ.


The Dreamer: Mike Supernault: Buffalo born and raised just loves fantasy football and soccer. Interests include but are not limited to Del Denby’s Tavern, happy hour, and burritios. Fun fact: Consults as fantasy football GM for many people (rates for his knowledge depend on how many LBLs he consumed before the draft). Teams: Bills, Sabres, and Crystal Palace FC.


The Money Man: Jake Lebowitz: Ex-Midd Football Player who loves football and all sports. Interests: Sports. Fun fact: Once lost a bet and had to wear a Bills jersey for an entire week after the Jets lost to the Bills. Teams: NY Islanders, Knicks, Mets, New Jersey Jets.



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